Top Ranked Sites that cover Child Welfare Issues

Site One Week Average Ranking
American Enterprise Institute  44,157 28,350
Urban Institute 62,695
The Annie E. Casey Foundation  (includes KidsCount) 150,403
Children's Defense Fund   219,683
Child Welfare League of America  134,231
The Future of Children  258,193
The Pew Charitable Trust 553,770
Children Now  294,742
Council on Social Work Education  212,961
Brookings Institution  319,448
National Association of Social Workers 318,233
Families USA Foundation  195,532
National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP). 231,591
Chapin Hall Center 1,126,693
Society for Social Work Research 406,276

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[lower number indicates higher ranking]

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Society for Social Work Research   1,095,063