Massachusetts Welfare Report Card

Table of Contents

  1.  State Profile
  2.  Poverty Profile
  3.  Welfare Reform and the Decline of Welfare Recipients 1993-2000
  4.  Children Receiving Welfare
       Comparison of Children Receiving Welfare and Free Lunch
  5.  Exiting Welfare
  6.  Food Stamps and Welfare Recipients
  7.  Percent of Welfare Families Receiving Subsidized Child Care and Housing
  8.  Median Family Income Compared to Welfare
  9. Children Receiving Welfare
10.  Children and Seniors Living in Poverty
11.  The Race/Ethnicity of Children on Welfare
12.  The Age of the Youngest Child in Welfare Families
13.  The Number of Children in Welfare Families
14. Welfare Parents
15.  The Marital Status of Welfare Parents
16.  Age and Education of Welfare Parents
17.  Child Support Received by Welfare Families
18. Work and the Welfare Parent