The Welfare of Children             by Duncan Lindsey              References    


Part I The Child Welfare System  
Chapter 1 Emergence of the Modern Child Welfare System
Chapter 2 Child Welfare Research: The Effectiveness of Casework  [slide show]
Chapter 3 Child Welfare Reform through Research: Permanency Planning    
Chapter 4 The Changing Portrait of the American Family [slide show]
Chapter 5 The End of Child Welfare: The Transformation of Child Welfare into Children's Protective Services

[slide show]

Chapter 6 The Decision to Remove a Child  
Chapter 7 Dealing with Child Abuse, the Red Herring of Child Welfare [slide show]
Part 2 Ending Child Poverty  
Chapter 8 Wealth and Poverty in America: The Economic Condition of Children [slide show]
Chapter 9 The Rise and Fall of Welfare for Disadvantaged Children in America [slide show]
Chapter 10 The Fading Promise of Welfare Reform to End Child Poverty [slide show]
Chapter 11 Two Simple Programs for Ending Child Poverty [slide show]
Chapter 12 Child Future Savings Account: Social Security for Children [slide show]

Copyright, 2003, Duncan Lindsey